Dan Staniaszek

Two-thirds (65%) of the European building stock was built before 1980: about 97% of the EU’s buildings must be upgraded to achieve the 2050 decarbonisation goal, but only 0.4-1.2% are renovated each year.   
Post date: 16 Mag 2019
Type: Publication

The impact of building renovation on health, well-being and productivity could improve the lives of more than 200 million Europeans. This set of publications, developed by BPIE and commissioned by Buildings 2030, takes an important step towards defining, measuring, quantifying and monetising the impact of indoor environmental quality in schools, hospitals and offices. The findings reveal a major business opportunity to invest in people-centric renovation of existing buildings.
Post date: 30 Nov 2018
Type: Publication

This paper is based on a review of a cross section of strategies, conducted by the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE). It attempts to determine whether the requirements set out in Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) Article 4 have been met and assess whether they embody the level of ambition that is consistent with transforming Europe’s existing building stock into a highly energy performing one. Member States are ranked according to their compliance levels.
Post date: 17 Giu 2015
Type: Publication