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Le projet IRH Med doit durer trois ans. Son budget global de 1 million d’euros est co-financé par l’Europe, grâce au Fonds Européen de Développement Régional (FEDER), et par les partenaires impliqués. Ce projet a été retenu dans le cadre du Programme Med.
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ACC1Ó leads the actions of the project that will be developed together with  public and private institutions from Mediterranean countries such as Italy, France, Greece and Croatia. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and participating partners. This project was presented within the framework of the Programme Med. The participants in the project  met in Rome in a first conference to plan all the activities that should be developed in the context of the project.
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Presenting ETP 2010 in Washington DC, IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka said “after sowing the seeds for such a revolution in our last edition in 2008 by demonstrating that greater reliance on low-carbon technologies can transform the way we produce and use energy, ETP 2010 now highlights the first ‘green shoots’ of what could become such a fundamental change.” But he emphasised that current developments are still fragmented and fragile, and the rate of progress is still far too low to prevent dangerous increases in global temperatures. Main messages:
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*The objectives of this ‘’Task 35’’ are to catalyst the development and market introduction of high quality and commercial competitive PV-T hybrid systems and to increase general understanding and contribute to internationally accepted standards on performance, testing, monitoring and commercial characteristics of PV-T hybrid Systems in the building sector.
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What is the Energy Concept Adviser?
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Topics covered include:
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