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On 15 June 2016, the International Energy Agency (IEA) announced that a new, multilateral Secretariat for the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) will be established at the IEA later this year.
Post date: 17 Giu 2016
Type: News

  The annual ‌Tracking Clean Energy Progress (TCEP) report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) highlights the development and deployment of key clean energy technologies year on year.  
Post date: 2 Giu 2016
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Swegon Air Academy WEBINAR # 8: Effects of solar radiation in architecture, high performing buildings and mechanical ventilation system   Swegon Air Academy is pleased to invite you to a webinar on effects of solar radiation in architecture, high performing buildings and mechanical ventilation which will be held on 9th June 2016.   Webinar #8 will be presented by Georg W. Reinberg and Martha Carolina Enríquez Reinberg:
Post date: 17 Mag 2016
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Video and survey on innovative schools renovation with prefabricated wooden elements   In the framework of the RENEW SCHOOL research project ( a video has been developed to show successful examples of school building renovation using prefabricated timber components which integrate several interesting functions and reach high performance levels.  
Post date: 2 Mag 2016
Type: News

UPDATE 2016.07.18: The report "Energy Transition of the EU Building Stock — Unleashing the 4th Industrial Revolution in Europe" has now been published.   UPDATE 2016.06.02: Due to circumstances beyond the control of the BUILD UP platform, the webinar to launch this report is cancelled. The organisers thank you for your interest and understanding, and regret any inconvenience caused.  
Post date: 20 Apr 2016
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Kalkener's new online solar simulation software allows for calculating solar thermal water heating systems (STWH) This is done by: sizing of its main components according to the monthly, weekly and daily hot water consumption profiles annual solar energy production (taking into account the solar site survey and the orientation, tilt and shading losses)  key profitability indicators, (IRR and NPV)    
Post date: 14 Mar 2016
Type: Tool

PRESS RELEASE   Solar Heating & Cooling Technology News & Trends 
Post date: 1 Mar 2016
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Housing Europe presents the contribution of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers to mitigate climate change.   Update: the webinar recordings and PDFs of presentations are now available here.   30th November 2015   15:00-16:30 Brussels time  14:00-15:30 London time 16:00-17:30 Athens time  
Post date: 16 Nov 2015
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Take part in the ongoing call for contributions to unlock the potential of energy efficiency in buildings as a global asset. Open until 2 October 2015. Note that the most recent ICP Europe Technical Forum web meeting took place on Thursday 24th September.  
Post date: 23 Set 2015
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This brief report, presents the construction sector as a sensitive one, with structural weaknesses and unfavourable or fairly bad outlook. The construction sector is growing slowly with the emerging markets rising twice as fast as the mature ones in 2014. The great differences between the countries, especially in the economies and in the housing price trends, make the estimation of the recovery and the future growth of the construction industry a complex task.  
Post date: 21 Set 2015
Type: Publication