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The CITyFiED project met at Istanbul Technical University, September 2017 and spent time visiting fellow consortium member Mir Unique Solutions and their in house centre of technology, called MITEC, Mir Innovation and Technology Centre. Mir have been at the heart of district heating solutions developed in Soma, Turkey and have developed an approach to industrial innovation benefiting projects around the world.  
Post date: 10 Nov 2017
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Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE) added major new features to its energy planning tool, the perfect basis for European governments, businesses, consultants, academics, and planners to make informed decisions about investments in energy efficiency measures and use of untapped alternative energy sources for heating and cooling. The tool will also support the implementation of European climate commitments, ensure wiser investment of public money, reduce costs for consumers, and cut carbon emissions and energy consumption.  
Post date: 29 Ott 2017
Type: Tool

On 24 October, the 2017 Global District Energy Climate Awards were revealed during the International District Cooling and Heating Conference in Qatar. The finalists were selected from cities and communities across the globe which demonstrate local district energy leadership in providing clean and sustainable energy solutions.  
Post date: 26 Ott 2017
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Top tech not enough for district renovation success!   First in a series of three “Info Packs” from CITyFiED designed to unlock valuable insights and knowledge from the project tackles overcoming non-technological barriers in energy efficient renovation at district level. Additional new insights and public project deliverables available to registered users of cityfied.eu  
Post date: 17 Ott 2017
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 REMOURBAN and Lighthouse cities at the “100% Climate Neutrality Conference” in Sønderborg   The Climate Conference in Sønderborg (Denmark) is a biannual appointment for representative from municipalities, industry and academia to enter a dialogue about the best solutions to reach their climate goals at city, regional and national levels.  
Post date: 6 Ott 2017
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Touch the tangible and discover energy efficiency excellence in person: CITyFiED Study Tour   City members and consortium experts set to discover pioneering Ludwigshafen and neighbouring Mannheim 30 November – 1 December 2017   
Post date: 27 Set 2017
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MOEEBIUS Living Lab already started!   Watch MOEEBIUS movie and see the most important advantages of the project!   What is MOEEBIUS Living Lab and how to participate in this activity?  
Post date: 26 Set 2017
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Advancing knowledge in deep retrofit – Remo team attends Sustainable Places during EUSEW (2017) in June   If we are to heed to the message from a WSB2014 report stating “It is impossible to reach desirable climate change scenarios with the current building sector”, then retrofitting must sit squarely on the agenda. But what does it really take to uphold near-zero energy criteria on a district level?
Post date: 7 Set 2017
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Ottimizzato di Energia Efficiente Piattaforma di Progettazione per lavori di Ristrutturazione a Livello di Distretto    
Post date: 11 Ago 2017
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Growing interest in CITyFiED’s methodology for district-scale energy efficient retrofitting   A more confident approach to mass-market deployment and replicability of district-scale energy efficient retrofitting is gaining traction across Europe.   
Post date: 9 Ago 2017
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