Very low energy buildings

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The site is designed for anyone whose job is to save energy at work. It provides free guidance on heating, air conditioning, lighting, compressed air, motor-driven equipment, etc., and advice and information on energy management techniques. The editor and his associates are able to answer queries. The site emphasises real-life practical energy-saving solutions and avoids debate about policy, legislation, regulations, carbon trading and global warming.
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This free online guide gives tips, tricks, facts and projects about saving energy and water. You can click through an animated home to see the worst spots for wasting power, air and water or explore the interactive map to get energy cost and CO2 stats for each of the 50 USA states. You can also find stories of three ambitious homeowners who have taken energy savings to extremes, heating their house with a room full of sand or powering it with a waterfall.
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The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) is an innovative educational center that combines the most technologically advanced green building and natural wastewater treatment technologies. It is a cutting edge educational facility where we will teach and model the importance of environmental sustainability.
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