smart cities

'The time is right for smart cities and communities: Cities and industry partners are eager to develop integrated sustainable solutions that offer clean, secure and affordable energy to citizens, reduce consumption and create new markets – in Europe and beyond. With the Smart Cities and Communities Initiative, the EU is kickstarting these new markets with an initial funding of EUR 80 million to support innovative model projects in selected European cities', Commissioner Oettinger explained at the launch.
Post date: 2 Lug 2011
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“Energy efficiency is a European matter”, stated Oettinger. The instruments to achieve this must be used “locally”, he stressed. In commending the cities’ outstanding efforts, he underlined how they have “encouraged others to go down the same path towards sustainability” and how they are moving towards being ‘Smart Cities’.
Post date: 20 Dic 2010
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Post date: 30 Giu 2010
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On 5 July, at the 'EU-China Smart City Forum', Günther H. Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Energy will deliver a keynote speech on ‘EU and China: together for better cities and for better lives’ making an explicit reference to the overall theme of the World Expo 2010. DG ENER will present its ‘Covenant of Mayors’ initiative. From their side, Chinese government will explain their achievements and projects for energy successful urban initiatives.
Post date: 6 Giu 2010
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