PV - photovoltaics

The EnergizAIR project will address a major need by filling the gap between two issues that are generally considered separately by people but which, in fact, are still deeply interlocked: energy consumption and renewable energy production.This will be done by communicating about energy needs covered by renewable energy. The less energy you need, the bigger cover you get with renewable energy!
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Renewable energy sources can supply a significant proportion of the historic buildings energy needs, creating many public benefits including environmental improvement, increased fuel diversity and national security. The document discuss the possibility to integrate these sources in a historic building for power and thermal energy generation.  
Post date: 26 Mar 2014
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This position paper from HESPUL, a French Association for the development of the use of renewable energy sources (especially solar PV), gives an analysis and provides recommendations about the self-consumption of electricity produced locally, for example by using PV cells on a building roof or by a cogeneration system.
Post date: 12 Feb 2014
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Sensitively-sited solar PV energy will be central to the growth of renewables in Britain, Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said on 8 October 2013.
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The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) offers a number of courses for persons who wish a broad introduction to solar power and who may also want to continue their training in order to become a KSO-approved specialist. 
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Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a method for improving the connections between stacked solar cells that allows for the greater overall efficiency of the solar energy devices. This technique allows these cells to operate at solar concentrations of 70,000 suns worth of energy while minimizing the amount of voltage lost as "wasted energy," or heat.For more information please visit Nature World News website.article © Nature World News
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