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Reports from professional associations, background information on ISO 9972 with its specific national annexes, and lectures on measurement in practice, on ventilation, sealing and bonding as well as on leakages in the building envelope, presented by experts plus discussion rounds and a trade fair held in parallel with the conference - these are key attractions that mark the 11th International Buildair
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For more information see www.buildair.eu.
Post date: 1 Ott 2010
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The this year combines contributions from science, research and practical application knowledge. The symposium offers a forum for an intensive exchange between the participants. The first day is devoted to science and current research. Practical aspects will be presented on the second day and entitled “BlowerDoor-Symposium”. The e.u.[z.] resumes the tradition of these very practical symposiums which took place as national events until 2005.
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