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François Durier

Director of Development and Parnerships, CETIAT  (Non-profit)

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Certificazione energetica degli edifici

This portal about the building energy performance certification in Italy has been implemented by the "Comitato Termotecnico Italiano" (CTI).It gives information about the EU legislation, the Italian legislation and the implementation of the energy...

LÅGAN - a programme for very low energy buildings in Sweden

The Swedish LÅGAN programme started in 2010, and will run for five years. It provides financial support for demonstration projects and local/regional collaboration initiatives. It also encourages new thinking by evaluating and disseminating...

Renovering med energihänsyn – Analys av nyckelaktörer och förslag på åtgärdspaket för att underlätta energirenoveringar för enskilda småhusägare

This bachelor thesis from Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) concerns energy efficient house renovations. It suggests an action programme to aid single-family house owners carrying out energy efficient renovations.The study aims to identify...

Ombyggnation med sänkt energibehov

This document shows examples of energy renovations of existing buildings in Sweden.A large part of the existing stock of apartment buildings in Sweden has poor energy performance and is facing an extensive renovation need. These examples aim to...

Energi- och miljöklassing av byggnader i Sverige

This report describes the various energy and environmental rating systems that are used for buildings in Sweden.The following rating systems are described and analysed:SS 24300, BREEAM, FEBY12, GreenBuilding, LEED, Miljöbyggnad, Passivhaus, Svanen....

Bygga E - Metod för kvalitetssäkring av energieffektiva byggnader

"BuildE – Method for Quality Assurance of Energy Efficient Buildings" is a general method for the quality assurance of the requirements regarding functionality, planning and production of energy efficient buildings.This method has been worked out by...

Sammanställning av lågenergibyggnader i Sverige

This report describes the status of low energy buildings in Sweden in October 2013.A previous report had been published in 2011 giving a general picture of how many low energy buildings existed in Sweden. This report updates this data. It also...

An approach towards sustainable building

This doctoral thesis from the Royal Institue of Technology (KTH) of Sweden aims to provide a knowledge base for motivating building owners to renovate buildings based on energy efficiency and improved indoor environment.The first part of the study...

Building energy efficiency - Policy, learning and technology change

This doctoral dissertation from Lund University (Sweden) assesses the role of policy instruments and policy packages in the development of energy efficient end-use building technologies and their emerging markets to ultimately contribute to tackling...

EU research and standards for energy efficiency in historic buildings

This presentation was given at the 2013 Conference of The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI). It proposes a European perspective on emerging research on the challenges between protecting and using existing architectural resources...