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François Durier

Director of Development and Parnerships, CETIAT  (Non-profit)

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Energy audits - BIFM good practice guide

The full energy audit of a building is a methodical examination of energy use, and thus energy cost, and the procedures that impact on its use. This Good Practice Guide from BIFM (United-Kingdom) enables a Facilities Manager (FM) to understand how...

Room for improvement: the impact of EPCs on consumer decision-making, UK

This report summarises the findings from a survey commissioned by Consumer Focus, the statutory organisation of consumers in the United Kingdom (now named Consumer Futures). A sample of 2,049 persons were questionned face to face in January 2011...

Campus Project - Efficient buildings: policy, behaviour and technology

This slide presentation from Repsol demonstrates the link between policy, technology and behaviour in Repsol Campus project, one of the largest LEED Platinum awarded European buildings.This new corporate headquarters built in 2012 in Madrid has...

Homes: an innovative collaborative programme to improve energy performance in buildings

This presentation from Schneider Electric provides the results of the research project HOMES (Homes and buildings for Optimized Management of Energy and Services), led by Schneider Electric and supported by the French Industrial Innovation Agency....

Efficient buildings: round table on scientific support to energy efficient buildings

In the framework of the European Forum for Science and Industry, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission organised a round table discussion on scientific support to energy efficient buildings on 29 November 2013 in Brussels.This...

Initiatives in support of efficient buildings: the role of industry

This slide presentation from Siemens shows that different approaches are required to improve building energy efficiency according to the type of building. It emphasizes the need to focus more on non-residential buildings, which represent only 15-17...

Thermal and environmental performance of a residential building: a Portuguese case study

This paper presents the results of the thermal and environmental performance of a new residential building, as a function of the heating system used, designed to Viseu, a moderate climate zone in Portugal. A case study has been conducted on a...

Challenger 2014: rénovation à énergie positive

This brochure describes the energy renovation of the headquarters of the Group Bouygues in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines near Paris (France). The building was erected in 1988.The energy renovation will end in August 2014. It covers three main aspects:...

Mejoramiento de las condiciones para la construcción de edificaciones sustentables en América del Norte: modelos y oportunidades de financiamiento

Para consolidar la adopción de la edificación sustentable en América del Norte es preciso contar con acceso a capital financiero, políticas propicias y una fuerza laboral bien capacitada, entre otros factores. Como parte de la serie “Mejoramiento de...

Klimaanlagen: Energetische Inspektion und Modernisierung

This slide presentation from the Fachhochschule Münster begins by explaining what the contents of the German regulation requiring the inspection of air conditioning systems (Energieeinspargesetz EnEG 2009 and 2013, Energieeinsparverordnung EnEV 2009...