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Caroline Milne

Senior Communications Manager, The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (Non-profit)

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“Complete overhaul” to building renovation practices required to meet higher EU 2030 climate target, BPIE analysis shows

Europe needs to reach a minimum 3% annual deep renovation rate to achieve a strengthened GHG reduction target and a boost for renewable heating and cooling.   Achieving a higher 2030 climate target requires intensified action in the...

On the way to a climate-neutral Europe – Contributions from the building sector to a strengthened 2030 climate target

To achieve its 2050 climate neutrality objective, the European Union must accelerate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction in this decade. The building sector can be a central pillar of this effort and can make a significant contribution to a...

A review of EU Member States’ 2020 Long-term Renovation Strategies

This report assesses the compliance of the 14 available LTRS (as published on the website of the European Commission on 8 September 2020) against the provisions in Article 2a of the amended 2018 EnergyPerformance of Buildings Directive1 (EPBD).  ...

Delayed and non-compliant Long-term renovation strategies undermine emissions reductions in Europe’s building sector

New report from BPIE – the Buildings Performance Institute Europe - highlights that more than half of EU Member States are six months late to submit their national Long-Term Renovation Strategies (LTRS), a key element of Europe’s strategy to...

International experiences with Efficiency First

[Report] International experiences with Efficiency First     The new report constitutes a step towards achieving the objective of making the Efficiency First (E1st) principle operational in EU decision making. The report includes 16 examples of how...

Press release: EU Recovery Package should earmark €90 billion public funding annually towards building renovation for EU-27, new analysis shows

BPIE – The Buildings Performance Institute Europe has published an analysis of the economic opportunity for Europe’s building sector, which could help mitigate economic damage of the COVID-19 pandemic. The findings show that the total amount of...

An Action Plan for the Renovation Wave: Collectively achieving sustainable buildings in Europe

BPIE - The Buildings Performance Institute Europe, developed a set of recommendations for all stakeholders which could support economic recovery post COVID-19, and trigger a renovation wave and achieve climate-neutrality for Europe’s building stock...

[Survey] Call for experts: Help enefirst consortium identify barriers to implementation of "efficiency first" principle

Enefirst is an H2020-funded project that seeks to provide the EU with a common vision of the principle of E1st and a holistic pathway to achieving it, embedded across our energy system models, impact assessments, funding and infrastructure decisions...

Enefirst - Making Efficiency First operational: New project aims to support policy makers put the European guideline into practice in view of the EU Green Deal

The Enefirst consortium has launched its first publication, which defines the principle of Efficiency First (E1st) in a way to make it operational. The 2.5-year project, funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme for Research and...