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Illuminazione di interni, linee guida per progettazione e acquisto Premiumlight Pro

L'iniziativa internazionale "Premium Light Pro" si concentra sulla realizzazione di sistemi di illuminazione a LED ad alta efficienza energetica di livello avanzato (indoor e outdoor) nel settore dei servizi privati e pubblici. L'obiettivo...

Top-Quality and efficiency lighting with LED lamps?

The test has mainly focused on lamps from the upper quality market segment: thus, it mainly considered lamps with a minimum of 25000hrs lifetime and good efficacy and was mainly designed to assess the quality of lamps which are already declared as...

Certification concepts for energy efficient data centres - Comparison of certification services in the EU

Energy efficiency in data centres and server rooms has only recently become a major issue of concern for IT and infrastructure management [EPA 2007, E-Server 2007] as power demand and related energy costs for infrastructure and cooling has increased...

Procurement guidance for energy efficient server room and data centre equipment

Hardware efficiency criteria are largely based on standards from Energy Star, SPEC and SNIA. Criteria for servers are currently partly based on SPECpower but will be based on SPEC-SERT as soon as the new benchmark is available.The guidelines include...

Energy efficiency upgrades to US apartment buildings could save owners and residents up to $3.4 billion

In this report, the opportunity and strategies for the multifamily housing sector to engage electric and natural gas utilities in order to expand resources available for energy efficiency retrofits and improve the use of these investments are...

Energy efficient IT and infrastructure for data centres and server rooms

Energy consumption in data centres and server rooms has been increasing significantly during the last decade. More powerful equipment and more complex IT services have been driving power demand. Since infrastructure and energy costs in data centres...