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iSERVcmb Best Practice

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Electricity savings of 33 % per year through awareness measures and optimised control of the HVAC system. The report summarizes the results of Cardiff University’s participation to the iSERVcmb project with regard to its
HVAC system energy consumption. The report refers to the period from 2003 to 2012.

McKenzie House is an office block of 8435 m² conditioned gross internal area arranged over 11 stories, in Cardiff, UK. Floors 4 to 11 of the building are served by a VAV system with heating, cooling, and filtration. The Ground to 3rd floors, stairwells, toilets and landings are served by other HVAC systems. Cooling is provided by two packaged chillers, with a total Nominal Cooling Capacity of 740 kW. The boiler plant consists of three gas fired cast iron sectional boilers with a total heating capacity of 1.4 MW.

The annual electrical savings achieved in the building are currently 528,000 kWh. Of these savings, it appears that around 395,000 kWh per annum are from control of the HVAC plant. This translates to an annual electricity savings from the HVAC alone of approximately EUR 66,000. Now, it appears that the overall building seems to be performing well relative to the benchmarks derived from its activities and areas.

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McKenzie House

Lessons learnt

Electricity savings of 33 % per year through awareness measures and optimised control for the HVAC system.

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