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HERO; HVAC Energy Reporting and Optimisation tool

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<p>HERO is an online Energy Reporting and Optimisation application for HVAC systems developed by the iSERVcmb project. By collecting sub-hourly energy use data from around 1600 HVAC systems in EU Member States ISERVcmb aims at&nbsp; developing a range of activity-based benchmarks for good, average and below average HVAC system energy use. Poor systems are not only identified, but also the benefits from adopting a more energy efficient system can be demonstrated with the help of HERO.<br />The availability of their own HVAC data, presented in an easy to understand fashion, encourages owners to take action while at the same time it helps to make legally required inspections more efficient. It is hoped that one impact of the project will be that HVAC systems showing energy performance above a certain threshold should be able to avoid inspection, and thus get a reward for good HVAC design, maintenance and control.</p>

Once details are logged on the iSERVcmb database, the energy consumption of the HVAC components can be recorded and analysed by sending sub-hourly data from an automatic meter reading system to the iSERVcmb cloud based servers.

Once in the iSERV database the user can log on to the iSERV application using a normal web browser to check that the building’s spaces, meters, HVAC systems and components have been entered and configured correctly. If there are errors in the building data entered, or the system, spaces, meters, etc. changes of any kind can be made, then the user can use the online iSERV database to amend any of the details, including connections. Changes can be applied from a particular month to reflect normal Estate evolution without losing the original configurations. Data should be sent to iSERVcmb at least once a month via email. Direct data entry is possible via secure login facilities to the iSERVcmb database. Reports are generated as soon as monitoring data has been uploaded. Participants will receive feedback on a number of indicators, including annual consumption against bespoke benchmarks for the mix of HVAC components and end use activities served. As the iSERV project progresses the system is expected to be able to present this information in cost terms as well by allowing the end user to enter electricity cost information to produce estimates of financial savings to be made.

The iSERVcmb team has prepared a new mock up report which is based on a real case study already inside the iSERVcmb database. This will give you a feel with regard to the format of the reports you will be receiving if you decide to join the iSERVcmb project.
The report is available here: http://www.iservcmb.info/content/iservcmb-mock-report
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