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City Hall and multi-functional space in Champneuville France

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City Hall Champneuville


Project type : Extension + refurbishment
Building Type : Other building
Construction Year : 1920
Delivery year : 2012
Climate zone : [Cfb] Marine Mild Winter, warm summer, no dry season.
Net Floor Area : 212 m2 
Construction/refurbishment cost : 513,601 €
Cost/m2 : 2,423 €/m2

Meuse Energie Nouvelle 2011 Label (New Energy in Meuse)
Energy requirements management for historical patrimony buildings by EDF
Rubans du patrimoine 2013
LQE 2013 Prize winner (Environmental Quality in Lorraine)


The city’s project is committed to meeting the maximum amount of criterias in sustainable development and incorporating a social dimension by consulting residents. Self-financing was achieved by using an ethical and solidarity-based bank. The operation involves renovation, restructuration and extension of the city hall and the old community hall.


The main objectives were:


  • to improve the conditions of use
  • to comply with the new legislations: accessibility, safety, acoustics, thermal in order to reach the BBC renovation performance .


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