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This French bylaw describes the energy performance requirements for some new buildings that were not covered by the initial Decree (26 October 2010) implementing the regulation RT2012. These are: education and research buildings, hotels, restaurants, shops, sports facilities, hospitals and health buildings, residential buildings for elderly people, airports, courts and courthouse, industrial and craft buildings. The requirements are applicable to buildings with a building permit submitted after 1st January 2013.
Post date: 22 jan 2013
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The Treaty establishing the Energy Community states that its task is to organise the relations between the Parties and create a legal and economic framework in relation to Network Energy in order to:(a) create a stable regulatory and market framework capable of attracting investment in gas networks, power generation, and transmission and distribution networks.(b) create a single regulatory space for trade in Network Energy that is necessary to match the geographic extent of the concerned product markets,
Post date: 17 dec 2012
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Post date: 30 aug 2012
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