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IPD's new environment code - in association with SB Alliance

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Following on from the Environmental Briefing held on the 15th September 2010, IPD (Investment Property Databank, which is conducting performance analysis for owners, investors, managers and occupiers of real estate) addresses the issue of rapid changes in both regulation and corporate attitudes to environmental concerns within the market. IPD believe that the revised edition of the Environment Code is now necessary and offers a good framework for addressing those environmental issues. IPD has consulted with clients that have adopted the framework and discussed with representatives across the property industry to ensure the content remains in step with the market. The key updates to the Code are: the flexibility to adapt to international Green accreditation (LEED, BREEAM, Greenstar) - simple reporting for CRC, EPC & DEC requirements - adaptations to acknowledge increased investor focus.
The new edition also includes more expert analysis from our sponsors to increase the value of the document as an industry guide, as well as case studies based on clients’ experiences to illustrate how both landlords and tenants can achieve better environmental performance.