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Danish Climate Commission suggests 'energy saving account' for buildings

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In their report 'Green energy – the road to a Danish energy system without fossil fuels' the Danish Climate Commission recommends that an “energy savings account” be introduced for all buildings, i.e. a payment into an energy savings account which, in combination with energy labelling and a certified consultancy scheme, will strengthen building owners’ incentives to make energy improvements to buildings. The report was published on 28 September 2010.
According to the Danish Climate Commission such a scheme must contain the following elements:
- Each year building owners must pay an amount into an energy savings account linked to the specific building. The scheme will apply to all buildings; private as well as public
- The annual payment into the account is determined per square metre of heated area on the basis of the energy standard of the building, which is determined on the basis of the building’s rating on the A-G scale under the energy labelling scheme. Buildings with top rating will not have to pay.
- The account may be spent on certified consultancy in connection with energy renovation, and subsequently as a contribution to implementing the renovations
- After the energy improvements, the building is once again classified on the A-G scale as the basis for the future reduced payment into the energy savings account.

Read the full report with further recommendations here.