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EINSTEIN tool kit for thermal energy auditing

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EINSTEIN is a tool-kit for fast and high quality thermal energy audits in industry, composed by an audit guide describing the methodology and by a software tool that guides the auditor through all the audit steps.

For optimising thermal energy supply in industry, a holistic integral approach is required that includes possibilities of demand reduction by heat recovery and process integration, and by an intelligent combination of efficient heat and cold supply technologies.

The main features of EINSTEIN are:

  1. the data processing is based on standardized models for industrial processes and industrial heat supply systems;
  2. special tools allow for fast consistency checking and estimation of missing data, so that already with very few data some first predictions can be made;
  3. semi-automatization: the software tool gives support to decision making for the generation of alternative heat & cold supply proposals, carries out automatically all the necessary calculations, including dynamic simulation of the heat supply system, and creates a standard audit report;
  4. a basic questionnaire helps for systematic collection of the necessary information with the possibility to acquire data by distance.

The software tool includes modules for benchmarking, automatic design of heat exchanger networks, and design assistants for the heat and cold supply system.

The expert system software tool is available for free, as an open source software project. This type of software development has shown to be very efficient for dissemination of knowledge and for the continuous maintenance and improvement by user contributions.