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A Case Study in the development and delivery of a ‘Whole Street / Whole Community’ regeneration programme to ‘Private Sector’ Housing

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This presentation relates to a large scale, whole street / whole community retrofit programme to pre 1919 terraced, solid wall properties in the North of England. It focuses on delivery issues in Private Sector housing where individual and community engagement is paramount to project success. It also refers to the 'adding of value' to such projects by utilising partnership working.

Acronym of the case

Changing Streets

Lessons learnt

The importance of forward planning, community engagement and partnership working in developing a holistic approach, adding more value to the original project scope.

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Start date - End date

środa, 2 Styczeń, 2008 do czwartek, 6 Styczeń, 2011

Operational date

środa, 2 Styczeń, 2008