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OVERVIEW - BUILD UP Web Seminars: Learn From The Experts

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BUILD UP provides free access to the latest ideas relating to energy efficiency in buildings. Through a series of regular web seminars, BUILD UP brings together academics and technical experts involved in low energy buildings.


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Building and ductwork airtightness: Legislative drivers, new concerns and new approaches (01/07/2013)

The web seminar brings together airtightness legislation, application and energy-saving potential. Speakers discuss studies revealing the energy-saving potential of airtightness for buildings in all climates across Europe. Also examined is the effect that the EPBD recast has had on airtightness recommendations and regulations.


Energy-efficient retrofitting of residential buildings: A holistic approach is required (10/09/2013)

These talks are a great resource for anyone interested in improving the possibilities for retrofit. The speakers offer solutions to the common drawbacks of retrofitting, detailing a more holistic approach. New control technologies and vacuum insulation panels are presented as well as studies revealing their benefits for health and energy conservation.


Superinsulating materials: State of the art applications and long term performance (05/11/2013)

This exciting series of talks introduces superinsulating material, a new technology that provides dramatically reduced heat-transfer across the building envelope, offering possibilities for more successful retrofitting. An outline of the main scientific principles of superinsulation is followed by presentations of already available superinsulating materials, and current development projects.


Indoor air quality and thermal comfort: Conserving energy, maintaining health (19/11/2013)

This panel discusses the health implications of indoor-air quality, particularly in relation to energy efficiency and global warming and addresses the need to consider health and low energy requirements as inseparable concerns. Speakers present research into air contamination, largely conducted through the HealthVent project. Examples of efficient technologies for maintaining good indoor air quality are presented, dispelling the notion that poor air quality is the necessary cost of energy efficiency.


Statistics on Europe's building stock: A guide to collecting, harmonising and sharing data (28/11/2013)

Based on the idea that you cannot manage what you cannot measure, this seminar focuses on the importance and complications of data collection, not only for policy making, but for industry as well. Implementing effective quality control to meet the requirements of the EPBD recast and the Energy Efficiency Directive, requires organised information on the existing building stock at both European and national level. Presenting years of research, the speakers provide information on existing databases, and suggest future possibilities for data collection and harmonisation.


IEA Energy in Buildings and Communities: Achieving near-zero energy use through open innovation (18/02/2014)

This web seminar provides an outline of the structure of The International Energy Agency's Energy in Buildings and Communities (IEA EBC) Programme; a research-and-development programme working towards near-zero energy use. The talks provide an insight into the challenges and successes of scientific collaboration and an open innovation approach.


Cool roofing can reduce loads on air-conditioning systems: A simple and effective technology (20/02/2014)

Speakers discuss issues related to cool roofs and provide participants with information about recent advances on the topic. The web seminar presents extensive data, some of it brand new, demonstrating the trends of global warming and its relation to energy consumption, as well as its consequences. Market-friendly advances in cool roofing are outlined and specialists discuss the possibilities they offer for mitigating some of the problems caused by overheating.


Funding energy efficiency in buildings under Horizon 2020: Knowledge, research and innovation (25/02/2014)

Set to run from 2014 to 2020, Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever. The panel of project officers and experts from the European Commission give an introduction to the programme, and the funding opportunities for energy efficiency that it offers. The talks outline the structure of Horizon 2020 and its focus on the societal changes in the EU. A special presentation on finance for buildings is included, as well as a guidance talk on proposal writing and successful funding applications for the programme.


CEN standards for the energy performance of buildings: Results and revision overviews (26/03/2014)

This BUILD UP Web Seminar addresses results, time schedule and work programme of CEN/TC 371 Program Committee on EPBD (Energy Performance of Building Directive), a new model for CEN/TC 89 Thermal performance of buildings and building components, and the status of EN15251 Indoor environmental input parameters for design and assessment of energy performance of buildings addressing indoor air quality, thermal environment, lighting and acoustics.


ICT in social housing (06/05/2014)

E3SoHo and SHOWE-IT are demonstrating the potential of ICT solutions to significantly reduce energy consumption in social housing in different climates across Europe. This BUILD UP Web Seminar discusses the results of these two projects, and replication potential including economic feasibility.


Ventilative cooling (06/06/2014)

Learn about challenges for ventilative cooling in the context of NZEB – the venticool platform; potential energy savings and the new IEA EBC Annex 62 on ventilative cooling; and case studies demonstrating high level summer comfort in real buildings.



The BUILD UP Web Seminars have proved popular; many people joined to watch live and posted questions to the experts during the broadcast, making the web seminars a lively and interactive learning experience. Join in the upcoming BUILD UP Web Seminars!