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A factor10 renovation in Paris

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In 2009, The Architecteurs have undertaken the renovation of their headquarters located in the heart of Paris (at 95 Boulevard Beaumarchais - 3rd arrondissement of Paris) with the help and advice of Dusan Novakov (Engineer in Renewable Energies).
From the start, the goal was to drastically reduce the heating needs and advocate the use of the best energy there is: the energy that is not consumed! A natural desire which is in line with the will advocated by the Adélie program, funded by the Fondation Bâtiment Energie (Building Energy Foundation), with participation of the  Architecteurs.
By changing phase materials, vacuum insulation, "parisian well",  triple glazed windows... The sustainable renovation of 95 boulevard Beaumarchais was designed according to the needs of users and dedicated to their comfort and health.

Acronym of the case

The ambitious renovation of Architecteurs headquarters, leading to a energy consumption division by 10

Lessons learnt

On one side, the headquarters are exposed to a noisy and busy boulevard with significant proportions of facades and on the other is a narrow street. At first sight, the place didn't show the immediate potential of a sustainable renovation or energy and environmental efficiency. However, while capturing its soul and energy, the Architecteurs set themselves to the challenge of factor 10 renovation, reducing their energy consumption from 413 to 37.1 kWh/m2/year.

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piątek, 28 Marzec, 2014 do czwartek, 31 Marzec, 2016

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piątek, 28 Marzec, 2014