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Faubourg d’Egmont - Rue du Pépin

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Mixed development; residential use, office & gallery


Project name



Development of apartments, a penthouse and an exposition room

Type of assignment



Guillaume Kervyn and Lucas Boels


Rue du Pepin 31-37, Brussels

Design submission date

April 2007

Start of construction


Delivery date

September 2012


4.290 m²

Stability Engineer

Ney & partners

Technical Engineer

MK engineering

Safety Coordinator

Philippe Beuthe

Project description:

Development of apartments, a penthouse and an exposition room.



The project can be divided into three entities:

1. The ground floor consists of an exposition room, intended for renting and an office space for usage by the contractor. As Rue du Pépin is located in a narrow street, in the concept of the project transparency was opted for regarding the ground floor, in order to create a broadening and see-through effect. The hallway serves both as the entrance to the apartments as well as the occasional expansion of the exposition room.

2. The upper levels consist of three or four apartments with two to four bedrooms. This consistent unit is distinctly articulated with respect to the total project in the composition. The façade intends to express a simple and recognizable image by using mainly stone and glass. The protruding terraces offer views on the street. The south-western rear side shows a more open design. The intention of making large and cosy terraces makes it possible to create visual relations between the different protruding levels. This stimulates the interaction between the different apartments.

3. The two upper floors are reserved for the contractor’s private apartment. This duplex offers a magnificent view on the city lying below. The mainly glazed façade has hanging gardens and a closed volume for the contractor’s office/studio.

The project generates a lower energy consumption thanks to which the outcome is positive, not only financially but also ecologically. The vision used in this study is consistent with the principles of Sustainable Building, which are:

  • Decrease the need and use of energy;
  • Obtain the energy needed through alternative energy sources;
  • Provide a substitution for  the remaining need of energy by usage of conventional energy sources.


This strategy produces an optimal development of and balance between economical factors and respect for the environment.

The apartments from level +1 up to level +4 are conceived as “passive” apartments, in which a multi-integrated and centralised energetic system connected to solar panels is combined with the dispersion of warmth through air ducts.

In the southern façade big window openings provide maximum sun gain in winter, while integrated blinds prevent heating during summer. The northern façade is quite shut in order not to lose warmth. As the façade is mainly made out of glass on the ground floor and on the level of the penthouse, a “low energy” principle was opted for.

Materials with good environmental qualities, green roofs and a system for the recovery of greywater were used.

In 2008 the project became the laureate in the project group of sustainable exemplary buildings of the IBGE-BIM (the Brussels Institute for environmental management).

Author(s) information


Christine Conix (Conix Architects)

Lessons learnt

N/A at present time.

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