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Coventry ECO House

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The Coventry ECO House project was a collaborative, learning legacy project which aimed to develop and demonstrate local capability for the design, build and operation of sustainable homes.

The project consists of two detached homes. It was first conceived and subsequently led by the local Forum for Constructing Excellence (FORCE). Other partners involved with the project include Orbit Homes, Coventry City Council, Coventry University, Coventry City College and Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce.

FORCE members and local contractors were employed on the project team wherever this was feasible. Furthermore, open days and tours of the site were held during construction, so that the wider local supply chain could learn from the experience of the project team.

The Coventry ECO House project won the UK Passivhaus Award 2014 (Cost & Build-ability category).


Location:  John Rous Avenue, Coventry, UK


Construction period: 30 weeks


Sustainability features:

Primary Energy Demand: 107 kWh/m².a

Heating Demand: 12 kWh/m².a

Construction Cost: £1147/m²

Heating & Cooling Load: 10 W/m², no cooling

Air pressure result: 0.54 ach @50Pa

Ventilation strategy: Genvex A/S GES Energy Opt100

Heating strategy: Vokera Linea One condensing gas boiler, supplying two towel radiators and domestic hot water cylinder.

U values:  Ground floor: 0.07 W/m²K, Walls: 0.08 W/m²K, Roof: 0.08 W/m²K, Windows: 0.75 W/m²K


Team credits:

Client: Orbit Homes & FORCE

Passivhaus Consultant: Encraft

Architect (pre-tender design): Vagdia & Holmes and Callingham Associates

Architect (as built design): ASD Architecture

Developer: Beattie Passive

Certifier: BRE

Lessons learnt

The challenges and opportunities in developing the local design and construction supply chain has been of great interest, and has stimulated critical thought, capacity and interest in environmental design, planning and construction.

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Start date - End date

piątek, 22 Marzec, 2013 do piątek, 18 Październik, 2013

Operational date

piątek, 15 Listopad, 2013