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Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) technology simplifies the energy refurbishment of an office building built in the 1960s

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An Energy retrofit of a 50 year old office building of FrymaKoruma in Rheinfelden, Switzerland with the aim of improving the heating and energy efficiency.

The heating energy consumption of the 4,200 m³ large office building could be reduced from 333,000 kWh/a to calculated 200,000 kWh/a by the façade and window refurbishment.

In order to achieve the requested objective of a U value of < 0.18 W/m2.K in standard building envelope construction procedures, an extreme renovation of the entire façade structure would have been necessary - meaning that the façade structure would have had to be replaced and all front buildings, the roof, the carpark in front of the building, would also have had to be adapted.

Vacuum Insulation Panels were presented as a good alternative to this massive intervention: the office building was refurbished with façade elements containing 72 mm CALOSTAT®/VIP/CALOSTAT®heat insulation sandwiches. The intervention was minimally invasive while at the same time, allowed for preservation of the existing façade structure. The construction process did not influence the workflow of the office making this an attractive method.

The used CALOSTAT®/VIP/CALOSTAT®insulation sandwich is also fire retardant for 90 minutes (F90), while its λ value is almost constant and therefore provides excellent insulation in summer.

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