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Storžek Kindergarten: Slovenia

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Storžek Kindergarten: Slovenia

Storžek Kindergarten: Slovenia

The kindergarten was built in 2012. The main energy related targets were passivehouse/plus house standard, use of prefabricated timber facades, installation of a central ventilation system and achieving excellent airtightness.


General information

  • Location: Preddvor, Slovenia
  • Project type: New building
  • Net cost: 2,5 million EURO
  • Main contractor: Jelovica Hiše d.o.o.
  • Architect: Renato Repše udia.
  • Building owner: Preddvor Municipality
  • Net floor area: 1500 m2
  • Year of finalisation: 2012


Technical solutions at a glance

  • Passivehouse/plus house standard
  • Partially prefabricated timber facade
  • Central ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Biomass
  • Focus on indoor air quality


Description of construction

To ensure energy efficiency a structural system of external walls (Jelovica Thermo Plus) was selected. The insulation of external walls, facade, ceiling and roof structure below the base plate was increased. 3-play cross laminated larch boards were installed on site, prefabricated walls and ceilings were made in the factory. The primary load-bearing wooden framework of the outer wall is built of 14 cm thermal insulation (rock wool), on the inner side is made even installation plane, wherein the built-in 6 cm of insulation on the outside is carried out in the two cross-layers built yet 2x 10 cm rock wool. A total of 40 cm built insulation. On mounting rails of ventilated planes three-layer larch plywood were stationed at the site. The kindergarten was built in 6 months.


Energy data / Supply

The heating demand is 18 kWh/m2 a GFA. The heating consists of 100 % thermal energy generated in a central boiler plant in the town Preddvor using biomass. Hot water is supplied to the facility by pipeline from the central boiler room - the district heating system. Electricity produced from PV modules mounted on the roof is emitted into the electricity grid and the PV modules installed power is 96 kW.


Ventilation and indoor environment quality

A central ventilation system with 85 % heat recovery was installed in the building. Shading with outside blind is installed. The building has excellent airtightness (0,2), which almost three times better than the requirements for airtightness from side of the Eco Fund for passive standard. The result in the Slovenian scale represents a remarkable achievement for such a large wooden structure.

Lessons learnt

Only with integral planning and management of the construction of the facility could the kindergarten be built energy, functional and cost effective. Most of the potential changes that occurred during the construction phase and completion of the building were much more expensive than if they had been taken into account at the design stage of the building.

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The owner and investor is Preddvor Municipality. To build the facility public funds were provided, part of which was under the ECO subsidy in accordance with the tender obtained from the Eco Fund (Slovenian Environmental Public Fund).