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ZEMedS project: solutions for nZEB renovation of schools

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Case Studies of the ZEMedS project


The Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) ZEMedS (Zero Energy MEDiterranean Schools) project has developed nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) toolkits that have been applied to 10 case studies, with extensive details on solutions for nZEB renovation of schools. The case studies are from existent schools that don’t fit the minimum energy standards and need a renovation. The impact, applicability, cost, time efforts, etc. associated to nZEB renovation of these schools are evaluated.

All 10 case studies (School group Salamanque (France), School Don Milani (Italy), School Antonio Salvetti (Italy), Escola Santa Maria d'Avia (Spain), Escola Miguel Hernandez (Spain), School Group Langevin Wallon (France), 13th - 33th Primary school (Greece), 25th Primary school & kindergarten (Greece), ITC Benincasa (Italy), ITC Einstein (Italy)) are described in the following way:

General data:

  • name of the school
  • type of school
  • owner
  • number of pupils
  • year of construction
  • building typology
  • heated area
  • heating degree days
  • cooling degree days
  • site


Current situation:

  • renovation needs
  • building use
  • utilization rate
  • building surroundings
  • building envelope: walls, roof, ground floor, windows
  • airtightness
  • heating/cooling
  • ventilation
  • lighting
  • appliances
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW)
  • cooking
  • current final energy consumption
  • health and comfort: summer comfort, interior air quality, visual comfort
  • running cost


nZEB renovation

  • design approach
  • ZEMedS goals
  • methodology in energy simulations
  • national regulation
  • results: final energy, primary energy
  • global cost and payback for renovation scenarios
  • payback for the renovation implemented


Summary results:

  • current situation vs. results of the nZEB renovation under ZEMedS goals

Acronym of the case

ZEMedS case studies

Lessons learnt

To be completed

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Start date - End date

wtorek, 1 Styczeń, 2013 do czwartek, 31 Grudzień, 2015

Relevant tools

Technical & Financial Toolkit for nearly zero-energy schools in the Mediterranean region (ZEMedS project)

Source of funding


Funding description

Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE/12/711 ZEMedS)