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Administration of nature and forests building

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A sustainable, environmentally friendly planning concept played a crucial role in this new build for the Luxembourg Nature and Forestry Agency. This energy-plus building, which can produce more energy than it consumes, is one of the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure’s pilot projects.

The German Sustainable Building Council (Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen) supported the entire project throughout the planning process and once finished the building was awarded the DGNB Certificate in platinum. 
The building construction is comprised of three sections and altogether it extends over three full storeys: two regular, wooden buildings, both orientated to the north along the high street and to the south - parallel to the walkway on the banks of the Sauer River. With the directional angle predetermined by the building’s position, together they form an inner core with a solid concrete structure providing a stabilizing element.
Innovative concepts were used such as taking water from the adjacent Sauer River to heat and cool the building, targeted ventilation and night cooling using ventilation flaps, a zone-controlled ventilation concept and architecturally integrated PV panels. 
This Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure pilot project produces more energy than it consumes and uses water from the river to control the building’s temperature; it has integrated photovoltaic panels (...)

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