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Common report on interviews with end‐users in NZEBs

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What do occupants know really know and want from NZEBs?


The CoNZEBs team has compiled and conducted a survey in four countries (Germany, Denmark, Italy and Slovenia) to learn about the opinion of end-users in multi-family houses (NZEBs or other building energy performance levels) regarding:


  • their expectations or experiences with living in NZEBs
  • their potential doubts and fears
  • their knowledge about the used technologies for achieving the NZEBs level
  • the quality of life in such buildings
  • the relative impact of NZEBs on the real estate value

The report "Common report on interviews with end‐users in NZEB" summarises the findings of the questionnaire and interviews and is the basis of the guide "Why Nearly Zero Energy Buildings are the Right Choice - Experiences, expectations, and co-benefits of living in NZEBs".