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3rd Annual Digital Construction Summit - Berlin 2020

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Venue: Hotel Riu Plaza Berlin


Join us and global executives as we return for our 3rd Annual Digital Construction Summit in Berlin, Germany on February 27th and 28th. This edition will focus on modern technologies in digital construction, AR/VR application, BIM/VDC technology, Digital Twin/Simulation technology, big data in construction, design & information management. This event will bring together experts in the field of virtual design and construction, construction management, construction IoT, virtual project delivery, and simulation technology. Gain exceptional knowledge from industry leading experts on recent technology advances and challenges faced in complex construction projects and digitization of the construction industry.


This is an invaluable 2-day opportunity to network with industry leaders and discuss all of the latest digital construction advancements and developments.


To get a glance at the full list of speakers please Request brochure


Key Practical Learning Points:


  • Implementation & Use of VDC Technology
  • Emerging Technology of Digital Simulation – creation of  Virtual Doppelganger
  • Real-time Modelling, Design Optioneering and Performance Optimization of Buildings
  • Insight into next generation Field Technology
  • AR/VR applications in Digital Construction
  • Verification and Testing with the help of Simulation Technology
  • Digital Twin and Simulation applications and technology
  • Design Management and how to realize the benefits of using BIM
  • VDC-based Support for Construction industry
  • Cyber Attacks Risks on Construction
  • BIM for Contractors and Clients

Who Should Attend:


This summit will gather together CEOs, CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Leads and other Senior Level Executives dealing with:


  • VDC/BIM Practices
  • Emerging Technologies AR/VR
  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics
  • Computational Design – Digital Twin
  • Construction Management
  • Digital Products & Services
  • IoT in Construction
  • ICT Planning & Development
  • Construction Software Solutions
  • Integration & Testing
  • Virtual Project Delivery – Simulation technology
  • & Others!
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