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Helsinki launches Climate Watch to track city’s emission reductions

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In their aim to become carbon neutral by 2035, the City of Helsinki recently introduced the Climate Watch, an online tool that allows everyone to monitor and keep track of the city’s progress in achieving the 2035 goal.

In accordance with the Carbon-Neutral Helsinki 2035 Action Plan, the city launched 147 measures to reduce emissions and to attain the goal of carbon neutrality. This means that after 2035, activities taking place in Helsinki will not contribute to future warming of the climate. No greenhouse gases will be emitted from transportation and the city’s buildings will be heated and electricity produced without resulting emissions.


By using the tool, anyone can follow the progress of the 2035 Action Plan and the impact that each individual measure has in achieving the 2035 goal. To achieve carbon neutrality by 2035, the city aims to reduce its emissions by 80% and compensate the remaining 20%.


This unique platform for monitoring climate protection and emissions reductions is currently available in Finnish, with an English version underway. Future functionalities of the tool will allow city residents to provide feedback on the emission reduction measures in addition to providing a space for locals to express their views on how they can be involved in the carbon reduction measures.


The Climate Watch is based on work carried out during EIT Climate-KIC Ideation and Pathfinder projects in 2018, where the basis for a Collective Action Scheme was built. The Scheme introduces a set of interoperable tools, services and user interfaces that are aimed for citizens, civil servants, researchers, political decision makers and businesses.


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