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2nd Effie Efficiency 2020 - Virtual Fair

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The 1st edition closes with successful results

The first 100% virtual international fair-congress on energy efficiency registered more than 2,500 total accesses made by more than 1,300 visitors. 50 exhibitors had their stands in one of the 5 halls.

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Welcome to Effie


Effie Virtual Congress is a company that organises virtual trade fairs in an online 3D environment created specifically for the energy industry by Walcon Virtual and it will become a key milestone for its dynamisation.


A unique space that brings together companies and organisations that focus their efforts on promoting energy saving and efficiency, and where the latest technological innovations and advances in this field, and others as interesting as sustainable mobility, will be presented. The Effie's events will include all types of energy: gas, electricity and, of course, renewable energies, and they will deal with different approaches such as technology, financing, services, applicability and regulations.


Effie becomes the ideal formula to make the energy industry accessible to its target audience. Any company, organisation or private person who wants to keep up to date with the latest advances in efficiency and energy supply can do so easily. In two days, without the need to travel and without geographical barriers, experts or people interested in these events can contact a large number of organisations and find out about the latest products and services.


This concept of virtual trade fair-congress creates business opportunities between different participants in the international market. The event will have the participation of leading national and international brands, giving a worldwide market perspective.
The different networking activities make Effie the most important international energy event. The main companies of the industry will present their news and the latest trends in the industry in an exclusive and unique space.


Matilde Albert Brotons Managing Director at Walcon Virtual


Confirmed speakers


Effie features conferences by well-known speakers in the industry and experts in the field at an international level. These events have an innovative way of holding conferences, as they are held digitally in the environment of the trade fairs. You will be able to interact with the speakers and ask questions or debate.


  • Energy control for companies: Adrián Gómez Ortiz Energy Manager Estalvia Energía
  • Climate emergency. What can industry do? David Navarro, Expert Technician Tecniq
  • Engineering for the design and optimisation of mineral processing and smelting plants: Carlos Grima Olmedo, Lecturer in Geological and Mining Engineering Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Current situation of the energy efficiency industry in Spain: Antonio López-Nava, Manager A3e


The list of speakers keeps growing


This is just a small sample of all the speakers who have already been confirmed for the 2020 editions, but there are many more who want to share their knowledge with all those who want to know more about renewable energies, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and sustainable mobility.

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