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hybridGEOTABS: sustainable heating and cooling of buildings across the EU

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HybridGEOTABS project has developed an innovative and clean technology for energy efficient and healthy buildings which combines thermally activated building system (TABS), a ground heat exchanger and heat pump in between both systems (GEOTABS).


This energy-efficient solution provides a significant reduction of CO2 emissions by increasing the use of low-grade thermal energy sources and grid flexibility, while providing architectural freedom of space and high indoor environmental quality. hybridGEOTABS offers a huge potential to meet heating and cooling needs in buildings throughout Europe in a sustainable way.


Components of the system:


  • Limitless, ubiquitous and free at the point of use, geothermal energy offers huge potential to meet heating needs in Europe. 
  • A geothermal system consists of a loop of polyethylene pipes buried underground, through which heating fluid is pumped. Heat from the ground is absorbed by the fluid and transferred, via a heat exchanger, to a heat pump, which is connected in turn to the heat supply of the building. 
  • Geothermal systems may also be used for cooling, where excess heat from the building is transferred to the ground – in effect, using the system in reverse.
  • TABS: In larger multistorey buildings such as offices, apartment blocks and care homes, heat transfer pipes may be embedded in the concrete slabs which form the floor / ceiling structure, or wall panels. These TABS (Thermo-Active Building Systems) are an effective way to use the thermal storage capacity of pre-existing building materials and minimise resource consumption. 
  • Model Predictive Control (MPC) is a method to control a system based on ‘numerical optimization’. A model is developed and used to predict future control inputs and responses, and this is optimised as the system is used in real time. For MPC-GT, heating and cooling needs will be modelled for each test building and MPC will be used to improve the performance of the hybrid geothermal and TABS technologies. 

Learn more about hybridGEOTABS and the demonstration buildings in the hybridGEOTABS shortfilm ( and animation ( or visit the project website