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Sustainable Innovation Forum

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Sustainable Innovation Forum - Online


Monday 16th November 2020 to Friday 20th November 2020


Broadcast Live from a Studio in London


Overcoming a global health emergency and preventing the global climate emergency will require an unprecedented level of cross-sector, cross-industry and cross-border collaboration.


In response to the global pandemic and the delay of COP, the 11th edition of the Sustainable Innovation Forum will be fully virtualized and broadcast live from a London-based studio.


Over the last 10 years, the Sustainable Innovation Forum has played a key role in facilitating the connections that forge the cross-sector partnerships required to address the global climate emergency and transition to a net-zero economy.




COP26 has been delayed.


Environmental diplomacy put on hold.


We cannot postpone the climate emergency.


Momentum on climate action must be maintained.


2020 was meant to usher in a decade of action in our fight against the climate crisis. Governments and businesses were poised to raise their ambition but instead have been fighting a difference crisis – the global pandemic.


As economies begin to rebuild, sectors reopen and society returns the decisions governments and businesses make today and the industries we support will decide the future we create.


Event Overview


Over the past decade the Sustainable Innovation Forum has been used as a platform by the United Nations, Heads of State, Government Ministers, Climate Experts and Chief Executives, to communicate leadership, raise ambition and forge stronger relationships between the public and private sectors.


Climate Action has curated a thoroughly researched and validated programme aligned to the key trends and challenges we face in our collective fight against climate change. The programme is design to build momentum on climate action ahead of COP26 in 2021.


5 Days Exploring 5 Climate Challenges

  • DAY 1 - Climate Policy & Finance
  • DAY 2 - Energy Transition
  • DAY 3 - Future Mobility
  • DAY 4 - Industry Transition
  • DAY 5 - Land Use and Agriculture
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