Energy Efficiency Policies in Europe - Analysis of National Energy Efficiency Action Plans and Policies in EU Member States 2014  
Post date: 18 sie 2016
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Energy Efficiency in the Palm of Your Hand   The ecoGator app – available on Android and iOS – empowers consumers to achieve energy efficiency with every appliance purchase, and live more sustainable lifestyles away from the shop floor. Through these features, ecoGator fills a current gap in the retail sector by providing up-to-date advice about energy-efficient and sustainable purchases and use of products directly at the point of sale.   The app offers the following:   1. Innovative scanning function
Post date: 22 cze 2016
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The national/regional reports from the recently released Concerted Action EPBD Book "2016 – Implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) – Featuring Country Reports" are now available as individual files, accessible from the updated Country Facts section of BUILD UP, as well the CA EPBD website.
Post date: 25 Maj 2016
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This is the Concerted Action (CA) EPBD country implementation report for Slovenia, as updated at the end of 2015.   The CA EPBD national implementation reports present in a snapshot the status and progress achieved in implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), describing among other things:  
Post date: 17 Maj 2016
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Throughout the Recast Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) it is requested that “the public sector in each Member State should lead the way in the field of energy performance of buildings” and “buildings occupied by public authorities and buildings frequently visited by the public should set an example”. Among the most promising public building types to act as lighthouse projects are school buildings.
Post date: 14 mar 2016
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The kindergarten was built in 2012. The main energy related targets were passivehouse/plus house standard, use of prefabricated timber facades, installation of a central ventilation system and achieving excellent airtightness. General information
Post date: 2 gru 2015
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Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe is developing a suite of building energy renovation roadmaps - Energy Performance Protocols - that aim to reduce transaction costs by assembling existing standards and practices into a consistent and transparent process. These tools then enable a marketplace for building owners, project developers, utilities, public programmes and investors to trade in standardised energy efficiency projects.  
Post date: 27 paź 2015
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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a free electronic tool for the construction industry, housing associations and home-owners, which makes it easier to evaluate the impact of different kinds of energy improvements.
Post date: 5 paź 2015
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Mala in srednja podjetja (MSP) se v gradbeništvu soočajo z dvema ključnima problemoma: 1. Potrebujejo takojšen in vsesplošen dostop do konkurenčnega znanja, da bi se lahko prilagodili povečanemu povpraševanju/zahtevam trga ter pospešili uporabo porajajočih se tehnologij in materialov za energijsko prenovo stavb. Prilagoditev bo zagotovila večje zadovoljstvo lastnikov stavb, hkrati pa bo zmanjšanje porabe energije zagotovilo skladnost z lokalnimi in regionalnimi okoljskimi zahtevami.
Post date: 29 wrz 2015
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On 24 September 2015, the European Commission sent a reasoned opinion to Estonia and Slovenia, requesting them to fully transpose the Energy Efficiency Directive (Directive 2012/27/EU) into national law. These Member States have now two months to comply with their obligations.
Post date: 28 wrz 2015
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