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This Joint Research Centre (JRC) Science and policy report presents the modelling work quoted in the EC communication " The Paris Protocol - a blueprint for tackling global climate change beyond 2020" - in the EU's Energy Union package. It examines the effects of a Baseline scenario where current trends continue beyond 2020, and of a Global Mitigation scenario in line with keeping global warming below 2ºC. The analysis uses the POLES and GEM-E3 models in a framework where economic welfare is maximised while tackling climate change. In the Baseline, emissions trigger +3.5ºC global...
Post date: 24 lip 2015
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Industrial waste heat recovery is a key factor for energy savings. In most industrial processes that need heat, the thermal energy produced is not used in full and part of it is rejected as "waste heat". The waste heat recovery can be used internally to cover the heating needs of the process or of the industrial building. It can also be used to meet the heating requirements of other companies or buildings in the surroundings, using a district heating network. The recovered heat can also be converted into electricity, for internal or external use.
Post date: 17 cze 2015
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This new portal set up by CETIAT (Centre Technique des Industries Aérauliques et Thermiques) and the French Energy Agency ADEME (Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie) offers complete and detailed guidance on the industrial waste heat recovery, especially in the French context. It provides an overview on this topic and details some issues, including the interest of heat recovery, the associated technologies and methodologies. The heat recovered from the industry may be used in surrounding buildings, using a district heating network.
Post date: 17 cze 2015
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Fortalecer la competitividad industrial europea es vital para recuperarse de la crisis: No obstante, la UE también se ha comprometido a poner en práctica la sostenibilidad. ¿Cómo alcanza el derecho el equilibrio entre permitir a las empresas industriales lograr una rentabilidad y obligarles a incorporar de manera efectiva la eficiencia energética?
Post date: 31 paź 2014
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Bosch Limited plans to earn more revenue from its energy solutions business as the company prepares to make it among the three leading players in the country by 2020 and help the company expand its business in the non-auto business.
Post date: 11 mar 2014
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For optimising thermal energy supply in industry, a holistic integral approach is required that includes possibilities of demand reduction by heat recovery and process integration, and by an intelligent combination of efficient heat and cold supply technologies.The main features of EINSTEIN are:
Post date: 27 lut 2012
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Over 40 people from Europe’s leading boiler manufacturers, energy companies and micro-CHP technology companies took part in the 6th Annual Delta ‘Micro-CHP in Europe’ Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark on 6th June 2011. This paper provides highl Higlights of the Summit. - Delta's Market Update - Danish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Programme - Stirling engines hit the market in Europe, fuel cells in Japan – and some progress in the US - Micro-CHP as a Virtual Power Plant - What does micro-CHP ‘do’ for the customer?
Post date: 18 paź 2011
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Building Envelope The building’s insulation exceeds Standard 90.1 requirements with R-30 walls and R-40 roof for refrigerated warehouse and R-20 walls and R-30 roof for the two other sections. The warehouse also has a reflective white roof. The office space has a garden roof to minimize solar heat gain through the roof. Lighting The entire warehouse has T5 HO lamps with motion detectors and natural light detector. Natural lightning is possible near walls where high insulated (R- 7.5) translucent windows are installed.
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