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Promotional volume of EUR 1.7 billion after the first two months in 2012Increase of 87 per cent compared to 2011
Post date: 2 kwi 2012
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More specifically the programmes support the following:Energy-efficient constructionEnergy-efficient refurbishmentEnergy-efficient refurbishment - Construction supervisionAge-appropriate conversionHome ownership. The KfW promotional programmes target homeowners, private builders, landlords and housing companies.  
Post date: 26 mar 2012
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 The objectives of the CA ESD are to:Enhance and structure the sharing of information and experiences from national implementation whilst promoting good practice concepts in activities to improve and strengthen Member State implementation of the ESD.Create favourable conditions for an accelerated degree of convergence of national procedures in ESD related matters.Complement the work of the Energy Demand Management Committee (EDMC, Article 16 ESD) 
Post date: 5 mar 2012
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This report identies demand and supply side barriers which together form a very real impediment to investment in energy effciency. In so doing, it combines standard economic analysis with new insights from behavioral economics and cognitive psychology. It seems only sensible to assume, as this literature does, that investment decisions are not just a function of the price incentives that individuals face, but also of the decision making process by which they interpret and respond to those prices.
Post date: 1 mar 2012
Type: Publication

The agenda of the 2 days and the presentations are available on the DG Regional Policy website here. This presentation comes from: Session 2 – Financial instruments for energy efficiency investments (Chair: Antonio Goncalves, Acting Head of Unit, DG REGIO)Workshop and Conference on Energy Efficiency
Post date: 22 lut 2012
Type: Publication