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The European Construction Sector Observatory (ECSO) was set up in 2015 to regularly analyse and carry out comparative assessments of the construction sector in all EU countries towards these objectives. It aims to keep EU policymakers and stakeholders up to date on market conditions and policy developments.  
Post date: 9 lis 2020
Type: Aktualności

Concept and objectives:   Ashvin aims at enabling the European construction industry to significantly improve its productivity, while reducing cost and ensuring absolutely safe work conditions, by providing a proposal for a European wide digital twin standard, an open source digital twin platform integrating IoT and image technologies, and a set of tools and demonstrated procedures to apply the platform and the standard proven to guarantee specified productivity, cost, and safety improvements.  
Post date: 6 lis 2020
Type: Odnośnik

The Horizon 2020 project BIM4Ren investigates its use and potential in renovation projects, through easy-to-use tools, to achieve the EU energy targets for the European building stock.   
Post date: 5 lis 2020
Type: Termin

La 2ème édition de la Conférence Construction de GreenWin, organisée en partenariat avec le CSTC et la CCW, aura lieu en deux sessions digitales, les 19 novembre de 10h à 13h et 3 décembre prochains de 10h à 12h30, afin de prendre en compte les restrictions et contraintes sanitaires imposées par la lutte contre le COVID19.  
Post date: 3 lis 2020
Type: Termin

The unmissable virtual appointment to find out about all the BIM novelties   4 keynote speakers 9 case studies and 3 round tables!   EBS+ is the first online edition of the benchmark European event about Building Information Modelling organised by the CAATEEB, due to be held next November 19, 2020.  
Post date: 21 paź 2020
Type: Termin

BIMprove – Improving Building Information Modelling by realtime Tracing of Construction Processes is a European project launched at the beginning of September 2020 by an outstanding consortium made up of partners from all over Europe.  
Post date: 16 paź 2020
Type: Aktualności

Digitalization Tools for Energy-Efficient Renovation Workshop   Day 2 | Wednesday 28th October | 13.00 - 16.30   Digital transformation is slowly progressing in the European construction industry, which means a huge gap between theoretical digital opportunities and the realities of on-site construction.  
Post date: 14 paź 2020
Type: Termin

4e édition Colloque Build & Connect - 25 et 26 novembre - ENA - Strasbourg   Un format hybride adapté à chaque situation //   Présents lors de la manifestation ?   Participation 100% en ligne ?  
Post date: 2 paź 2020
Type: Termin

At just few weeks away from the launch of the Renovation Wave Strategic Communication, EuroACE is happy to announce that its 3rd Edition of Online Workshops Series focusing on this Initiative has officially started!  
Post date: 23 wrz 2020
Type: Termin

30 Sep 2020  -  09:30 - 13:00 CET   ONLINE  - Details will be shared after registration   Register now  
Post date: 16 wrz 2020
Type: Termin