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Certification - Overview and Outcomes 2012, Concerted Action EPBD

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This report is the result of the work performed under the Concerted Action EPBD 2011-2012 to support the implementation of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPBD recast art. 11, 12 and 13) as a means for transforming the building sector into an ambitious energy efficiency standard.


The activities performed under the Concerted Action EPBD theme “Certification” address:

  • the content of the certificate (layout and information included, acceptance of the certificate in the real estate sector, use of the certificate data for monitoring processes,…);
  • the process of certification itself (e.g. software programmes, qualification requirements for auditors and quality assurance of certificates, modalities of transferring and storing EPCs, publishing of certificates, adaptation of the certificate to accommodate new minimum Energy Performance requirements, especially concerning Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings and the application of the cost-optimal methodology);
  • use of the certificate in the publicity of buildings offered for sale or rent.


The report “Certifications - Overview and Outcomes 2012” describes the state of the art, main accomplishments and barriers across Europe as concerns:

  • the use of EPC labels in advertising;
  • the role of real estate agents and the use of EPC databases;
  • the use of certificates as a tool to support finance;
  • requirements of the new voluntary EU certification scheme for non-residential buildings;
  • monitoring the implementation of EPC recommendations for improving the energy performance;
  • standard lists of recommendations and the appropriate level of detail;
  • quality assurance of EPCs and certification mechanisms;
  • certification of blocks and flats of blocks.



Co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union. The content of this report is included in the book “Implementing the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)”, ISBN 978-972-8646-28-8, © ADENE 2013 (pages 13-20). More details on the IEE Programme can be found at This individual report and the full book of national reports 2012 can be downloaded from and also from

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