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New EU rules and measures for heaters leading up to possible 20% savings on households' energy bills

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On 26 September 2015, new ecodesign and energy labelling measures introduced by the European Union came into force. A new energy label will inform consumers about the energy efficiency of heating products, while minimum efficiency standards will be required by ecodesign. These measures will help consumers save more energy –and money– while heating their homes or using domestic hot water. The new measures concern:


  • boilers;
  • heat pumps;
  • water heaters.



The initiative is in line with the Energy Union goal of empowering consumers while increasing energy efficiency and it is the strongest single action for energy efficient products proposed by the European Commission, reducing European energy bills by more than 20%. Changing an old boiler for a new condensing one, for example, could bring up to €275 savings per household every year.


The new measures will:


  • contribute to cut energy consumption (equivalent to the annual consumption of Portugal and Austria combined);
  • reduce CO2 emissions (equivalent to CO2 emissions of Belgium);
  • reduce energy imports (to the tune of 418 million barrels of imported fuel every year).



Savings can even be higher if more efficient, renewable solutions are used, such as heat pumps or solar collectors. The measures do not apply to products that are already on the shelves in stores, but only to new products being offered for sale.




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