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DIRECTION Project´s replication initiatives workshop for low energy buildings

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EnginSoft hosts the last of three replication workshops aimed at disseminating DIRECTION’s achievements in nearly zero energy buildings.


On 6 November 2015 in the northern Italian town of Trento, Bauer and our partner EnginSoft played host to a workshop as part of DIRECTION’s replication initiatives. This workshop, the last of three under DIRECTION, focused on integrated planning, environmental monitoring and new business models for low energy buildings. It drew on the findings of four years of endeavours at the three demo sites which have participated in the project, with particular emphasis on the NuOffice which has been awarded LEED Platinum certification.


The agenda featured an overview of Integrated Design Processes and certification standards. Delegates then discussed some of the specific issues developed under DIRECTION: energy simulation as a design tool, computational simulation and optimisation for sustainable design, and assessment of expected benefits and environmental monitoring.


Fifteen building experts took part in this workshop, which was an excellent opportunity to thoroughly analyse the issues specific to the region.


The final stage of the workshop consisted of a guided tour of the new Bauer headquarters. This company is strongly focused on sustainability and wanted this building to be designed in line with LEED standards, like NuOffice. This building has thus obtained a LEED Gold certification.


Over the coming weeks and as in previous workshops, the insights from some of the experts who participated in this workshop will be published on the project´s website.