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Banking on renewables: energy storage for prosumers

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Banking on renewables: Energy storage for prosumers - The role of energy storage in enabling consumer self-generation and consumption of electricity from renewables


This session, organised in the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), seeks to identify solutions for cost-effective energy storage in the homes of the consumers (i.e., ‘behind-the-meter’) – ranging from hot water storage coupled with electric heating appliances (such as electric boilers, heat pumps or hybrids) to on-site stationary batteries to electric vehicles (EV) batteries – to enable the self-consumption of renewable energy resources. Panellists are asked to identify some of the technical, commercial or regulatory barriers which are preventing the proliferation of these solutions and whether and how European Union policy (including research and innovation funding) could and should address these barriers.




  • Patrick Clerens, Secretary General, European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE)
  • Michael Beckmann, Product Manager, Viessmann
  • Rainer Bussar, Director Industrial Batteries R&D Europe, Exide Technologies
  • Christoph Ostermann, CEO, Sonnen
  • Cesar Martinez Villar, Manager of Generation and Market Design, Endesa
  • Matthias Dürr, Head of Brussels Office, Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk (RWE)


For further information please visit the relevant EUSEW webpage.

European Commission, European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE)
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