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Web training to deliver COPILOT Certified HVAC Diagnostics

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Web training to deliver COPILOT Certified HVAC Diagnostics

Certified Technical Monitoring of HVAC systems

Certified HVAC Diagnostics diagnoses how HVAC systems function during normal operation by analysing performance data exported from Building Management and Automation Systems (BMS/BACS).

Become an expert so you can:

  • Apply digital algorithms to performance data
  • Develop conclusions and diagnostic recommendations
  • Propose a certified solution that your clients can replicate across their portfolios

Typical return on investment < 1 year


Trainee profile: Experienced energy/technical monitoring, HVAC and facility management experts who want to certify their service (proof of qualifications & experience will be requested)


  • Certification protocols and deliverables
  • Use of Digital Test Bench for accelerated analysis

When: Friday 13 March

Time: 13:00 – 16:00 CET (Central European Time) par webinar


COPILOT Building Commissioning Certification
Contact Name:
Cormac RYAN
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