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BEYOND 2020 - SBE Conference

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Linking the Global Building Sector to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030



The online conference will take place  on 2-4th November 2020



The work on the agenda is restarting now. Just as in the physical format, the conference agenda will be composed of the following elements, taking place on the virtual main stage and in the virtual rooms respectively:

  • Main stage sessions - keynotes and panel discussions (6-10 keynotes, 5-10 panel discussions estimated)
  • Parallel sessions  - predominantly paper sessions, but also practitioners’ webinar sessions  (around 50-60 sessions estimated).  All parallel sessions will be 1h-long.



  • The online conference will be set up in the online platform called BRELLA. Attached you can find a few slides that will help you understand how the platform will set up and what features it has.
  • BRELLA will be complemented with GLISSER that will assure some good interaction during sessions through polls, quizzes, advanced Q&A features etc.
  • Technical support will be provided in all sessions to assure a smooth session delivery.




BEYOND 2020 is considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious conferences and forums in the field of sustainable built environment. We expect to welcome about 2000 delegates from all over the world in the academia, industry, finance and policy sector. Join us in this exciting journey towards the future!




Download BEYOND 2020 brochure


Who should attend?


BEYOND 2020 embraces a global perspective that reaches across academia as well as private and public sectors. We will work together to develop concrete solutions and achievable implementation plans. These solutions will incorporate research, policy, finance, education, and innovative thinking, in order to create the resilient and sustainable built environments of tomorrow.


What BEYOND 2020 offers you:




Engage with the world’s leading researchers.

Diverse interactions with global green building community.

Comprehensive programme with high-quality paper sessions.


Private sector


Gain insights into recent academic findings and innovations.

Learn about remarkable green construction projects from across the world.

Network with global leaders in the sustainable building sector.


Public & policy sector


Contribute to developing implementation pathways for the sustainable build environment.

Get inspired by best policy practices and initiatives from all over the world.

Experience Sweden’s sustainability initiatives at first hand.




Find inspiration for potential green investment opportunities.

Contribute to discussions on scaling up sustainability financing in the building sector.

Learn about best practices from global sustainable building sector.



By 2050, 68% of the world’s population will live in cities.


And Tuesday 1st January 2030 is the deadline for the built environment to contribute to the fulfillment of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


A deadline that takes place in the next decade may seem like someone else’s problem.


But if we don’t act now, then who will and when?


Now is the time to plan the cities and communities we want and need, both now and in the future. It is up to everyone in the construction value chain and beyond to play their part in planning and securing a sustainable built environment for the future: architects & engineers, constructors, materials suppliers, building owners & municipalities, regulators, financial institutions and IT players.


No group is too big or too small to be neither irrelevant nor unaffected.


Bringing the best minds together, BEYOND 2020 is our opportunity to create the missing link between the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and the built environment.

We will cross the boundaries of knowledge, share top-level expertise and merge it to help shape the future of the built environment, together.


How will you make a difference in the built environment?


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