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Bullitt Center – Seattle (USA)

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Backed by its mission to protect the Pacific Northwest’s natural environment and promote healthy and sustainable ecosystems, the Bullitt Foundation wanted their new headquarters to be built to the highest level of sustainability. They also wanted the building to be a demonstration project that would set a new standard for developers, architects, engineers and contractors.


The Bullitt Center is a six-story commercial office building in the Central Area of Seattle, WA. The Center is home to a number of commercial office tenants who are successfully operating their businesses, while working in a net-positive energy environment. The Bullitt Center aims to advance the awareness and adoption of high-performance building through ongoing educational efforts, and by demonstrating that performance-based design works in a market-rate commercial project.


The Center is powered by a 244 kW rooftop solar array, composed of 575 PV panels. All rainwater that falls on the site is collected in a cistern in the basement, treated to potable drinking standards, and supplies all water needs of the building. The building is a type-IV heavy timber structure, made of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified glulam beams and dimensional lumber. The building sits atop a ground-source heat exchange system made up of 26 wells, each reaching a depth 400 feet. All materials used in the building were screened for compliance with the Materials Red List to restrict toxic chemicals.


Certification Status: Certified Living




Annual water use


  • Utility-supplied for potable use due to regulatory requirement 50,730 gallons
  • Systems Fed Potable water systems
  • Harvested onsite Year End Cistern Level – 47,626 gallons
  • Collection strategies Rainwater collection on the building’s roof membrane and diverted into a cistern in the basement
  • Systems fed All potable & non-potable systems
  • Grey water 29,384 gallons of greywater treated onsite
  • Systems fed Recirculating gravel filtration system & green roof



Renewable energy system: 244 kW Photovoltaic Array


Annual energy use:


  • Actual 152,877 kWh / year
  • Simulated/designed 231,000 kWh/year

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