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Sport'Co sports complex in Beaucouzé

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Credits: Isabel Tabellion

Called Sport'Co, the Beaucouzé sports complex (49) opened its doors in early March 2019. In many ways, this positive-energy public school illustrates the right balance between fundamental values and innovative ideas. While meeting the functional requirements of a structure dedicated to team sports, it is characterized by exemplary technical and economic performances:

  • Wood structure, dry chain
  • One energy: electricity
  • Heating and domestic hot water with heat pumps
  • Solar air collectors for preheating fresh air
  • Natural ventilation controlled
  • Double flow ventilation with high recovery efficiency
  • Radiant ceilings
  • Optimized and controlled natural lighting
  • Assigned and dimmable artificial lighting
  • Building technical management for control, metering, and maintenance of facilities
  • Recovery of rainwater for the supply of all WCS


The municipality of Beaucouzé decided to provide a public space for the sports associations and training schools that contributes to the sustainable development of the territory, setting high environmental and energy performances. Among the priorities of the design, the owner identified the thermal comfort, energy management and maintenance and the relation of the building with the context.


The multisport hall with a free height of 9 meters, allows to host handball competitions at the regional level and adapts to the practice of basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton.

The material choice has been driven by local references as for the design. In fact, the basement is made by shale masonry, the coating in zinc, with a bark-copper hue and the glazed façade presents blue-coloured glasses, as for the colour of the city logo.


The building behaves as a passive construction, thanks to the high-performance and massive envelope. The energy system presents an intelligent management for the air-exchange that ensures a high heat recovery rate and that contributes to the optimal operation as well as maintenance. The cooling system is not installed, and there is a combination between natural and mechanical ventilation, with a night-cooling set-up for summer conditions and heat recovery.

The heating plant presents a radiant ceiling system supplied by a heat pump that covers also the domestic hot water need. In order to minimize the heating consumption, the building is designed to exploit the natural gains through an effective design of the glazing system, solar air collectors for pre-heat in-let air and over-sinking.


The final energy need accounts for 40 kWh/m2 each year, and 80 kWh/m2 of primary energy as calculated with the French standard RT 2012. Th building integrates a 1200 m2 of photovoltaic plant that has a potential production covering the 115% of the building energy need, ensuring a positive energy balance.


For more information about the case, visit the Construction 21 case presentation.

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