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Presntation shown at the "Premières Rencontres de la Pompe à Chaleur", organised by AFPAC, CETIAT and UNICLIMA in July 2011 - Lyon, France 
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UPDATE 13 03 2013:  This publication has been transferred to a new url link as the SecRHC-Platform EU Project developed a new website.You can see the relevant BUILD UP publication item here with the new url link.
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Results show that a number of heat pump installations performed very well, achieving an overall system efficiency rating of three and above – this means for every unit of electricity put in there is an output of three units of heat. The sample of ground source heat pumps had slightly higher measured system efficiencies than the air source heat pumps.
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Danish Energy Association, whose member companies sell and provide advice on heat pumps, is not surprised at the positive reaction of householders. "The Danish Energy Agency's report clearly shows why a heat pump is a real alternative when householders are faced with replacing their old oil-fired heating system. Heat pumps provide the necessary savings on the household budget and are simple to shift over to," says Richard Schalburg, a consultant at the Danish Energy Association.
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