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The eight households in Dumfries and Galloway are part of a group of 48 homeowners across Scotland taking part in the open day to provide others with an opportunity to visit a local home that has a renewables system installed.Between them, it is estimated their renewables technologies have saved the householders around £12,000 off their fuel bills over the past year, and cut their carbon footprints by around 150 tonnes of carbon dioxide.
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The Natural Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (NEES) Project is launching an open Call for producers, manufacturers and service providers to complete a Survey of their products and services that enhance energy efficiency in buildings. The Survey should be completed online, on the NEES web site (
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As the market has become more aware of energy efficiency and green buildings, the importance of providing real estate appraisers with necessary information to thoroughly analyze the effects of energy performance on property value has increased as well.
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Conference Room Interface : C4.1.1 - Exhibition Hall - 1st floor. Tuesday, June 19th at 15.30 and Wednesday, June 20th at 9.00. Lectures in English.They will also answer questions from visitors to the booth 2E12 during the two days of the show (Stand common with the World Green Building Council).
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The organization's activities include technical and market research, educational outreach, and the crafting of building codes and other policy and program initiatives. IMT works to strengthen linkages among property value, green building and energy performance.
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Friday the 30th of March 2012,  a press conference was held to celebrate the launch of the first European platform about sustainable building.
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