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  Architects: Space Popular Area:  235 m² Year:  2020 Photographs:  Mariela Apollonio Collaborating Architects: Estudio Alberto Burgos, Javier Cortina Maruenda City: Santa Bárbara Country: Spain The Brick Vault House is a prototype for suburban house construction that integrates industrialised construction methods with traditional craftsmanship in Valencia, Spain.  
Post date: 16 Feb 2021
Type: Case

This special BREEAM Awards publication proudly presents the people, projects and organisations that are leading the way with significant achievements in sustainable building design, development and management.   The projects shortlisted range from homes in vibrant mixed-use developments, to education sports buildings serving students and the wider communities in which they reside, to large scale commercial properties incorporating green roofs and living walls in the centre of cities.  
Post date: 8 Feb 2021
Type: Publication

The BREEAM Awards go online for 2021   The BREEAM Awards is an annual celebration that proudly recognises the people, projects and organisations that are leading the way with significant achievements in sustainable building design, development and management.  
Post date: 2 Feb 2021
Type: Event

For the first time ever the EAE Award 2021 ceremony will be included in the program of the 5th European ETICS Forum, scheduled for 16th September 2021 in Prague/CZ.   The new award aims to honour amazing examples of energy-efficient projects from across Europe using External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS).  
Post date: 14 Jan 2021
Type: News

  Tämän kilpailun organisoi Sähköinsinöörit - SIL ry. SIL on sähköalan aatteellis-ammatillinen verkottumisyhteisö.   Kilpailu alkaa 11.1.2021 ja päättyy 23.4.2021.  
Post date: 16 Dec 2020
Type: Event

In March 2020, FEDARENE launched the 2020 Roger Léron Award and its call for nominations in order to celebrate outstanding contributions to sustainable energy at local, regional and European level.   In the meantime, Europe and the other continents were going through one of the most dreadful crisis ever experienced, both in terms of health and economy. The covid-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives, including the way we work and communicate.  
Post date: 5 Jun 2020
Type: News

Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.   IEA EBC 6th Annex Meeting   October 5-6, 2020 University Wuppertal Pauluskirchstr. 7 42285 Wuppertal Germany   The EBC Research Programme  
Post date: 25 May 2020
Type: Event

Established in 2014, the Roger Léron Award celebrates outstanding individuals who have significantly contributed to the energy transition in Europe, at local or regional level. Whether they are a part of a local or regional energy agency, a public authority, a non-profit organization or a private company, Roger Léron Award nominees all show the same dedication to scale up energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy sources in their cities and regions.
Post date: 20 Mar 2020
Type: News

In 2011, a detached house built in Mühltal outside Darmstadt in the 1970s became the first of its kind to be restored and converted into an ‘surplus energy’ house complete with electric vehicle technology.  Following the redevelopment, the building generates more energy than it requires. But this was not achieved by cramming the house full of new technology. It adheres to the highest interior standards and has a classic, timeless feel about it.  
Post date: 4 Mar 2020
Type: Case

2020 Pas­si­ve Hou­se Award: In­ter­na­tion­al ar­chi­tec­tur­al com­pet­i­tion for highly en­ergy ef­fi­cient build­ings.  
Post date: 27 Feb 2020
Type: Event