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One of the measures in France’s Energy Transition for Sustainable Growth Act is to “improve the energy and environmental performance of new buildings with the overriding goal of promoting energy-plus buildings starting in 2020.” The legislation also recommends reducing the energy consumption of existing buildings by a third.  
Post date: 26 May 2021
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ISH will be taking place as a purely digital event in 2021, with a wide range of digital features on offer.   ISH digital ISH will take the form of a purely digital event from 22 to 26 March 2021. Take advantage of the numerous digital business functions for interaction and networking.   Register as exhibitor
Post date: 12 Jan 2021
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"ACEEE continues to put on well thought out, organized conferences, despite tremendous challenges this year. I've been invited to participate in multiple "virtual" conferences this year, and only ACEEE has been able to replicate the live experience in a meaningful way." — George Chapman, Energy Solutions   March 10-11 and March 17-18, 2021   Overview  
Post date: 30 Dec 2020
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  Zadaniem niniejszego poradnika jest pomoc projektantom, architektom i instalatorom w zakresie doboru i projektowania systemu składającego się z instalacji fotowoltaicznej, pompy ciepła oraz zasobników ciepła i ciepłej wody w domach jedno lub dwurodzinnych.  
Post date: 16 Dec 2020
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Hot Water Forum is Going Virtual!   Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Hot Water Forum will now be held virtually over four days (July 21-22, 28-29).   Forum Overview  
Post date: 3 Jun 2020
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The renovation of the residential complex of Via Brescia is one of the interventions developed within the FP7 Smart City project SINFONIA.   The building is divided in 5 staircases with 7 floors and 21 apartments each, with an overall surface of around 32,000 m3 and it is managed by IPES-WOBI, the social housing Institute of the Province of Bolzano.  
Post date: 21 May 2020
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Overall concept The SCORES concept (Figure below) is based on a hybrid system combining effectively and efficiently solutions that harvest electricity and heat from the sun, store electricity, convert electricity into heat, store heat, and manage the energy flows in the building. The following ideas and assumptions are the starting point for the development of this highly inter-disciplinary overall concept:
Post date: 7 Oct 2019
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The 12th Asia-pacific Water Heating Exhibition will take place 16-18 of August, 2017.   Date: August 16-18, 2017 Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex Tickets:     
Post date: 15 Jun 2017
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By François Durier, Nourreddine Mostefaoui (CETIAT, France)   Two European Directives - the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives – and their accompanying regulations have introduced new minimum requirements for water heaters, as well as a label to inform about their performances. This article presents these requirements and the foreseen label in respect to water heaters.   The Ecodesign Directive for water heaters  
Post date: 8 Jun 2017
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During the National Congress of Sanitary Technologies on Monday, June 19th, a wide selection of current sanitation subjects will be discussed. One of these subjects is Reducing pressure fluctuations at the inlet of shower mixers. It is known that undesired variation in water temperature is uncomfortable and, by a fright reaction, can even be dangerous. By adapting the design of the tap water system we could solve temperature fluctuations in the shower.
Post date: 29 May 2017
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